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Our 90 minute Athlete Assessment will improve your athletic performance by helping your body reorganize itself to a higher functional level so you can perform better without restriction. 

The Athlete Assessment comprises of, but is not limited to, 3 key assessments: 

  • Static posture 

  • Dynamic posture

  • Gait (walking) analysis   ​

This information allows us to detect and address suboptimal movement patterns, to bring your body into better working alignment so it can be used to its fullest potential on the field of play.  This assessment includes an individualized program built to optimize your body's functional capacity.  

Follow-up Assessments:

These include an Athlete Reassessment to track change and progress your individualised program accordingly. 

Please note* The Athlete Assessment assesses your bodily movement in greater detail compared with our Physiotherapy Consultation; this enables us to fine-tune performance even at the very top sporting level.   

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