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Physiotherapy in Motion

piece together the puzzle of movmt so you can help yourself and others

Your Expert Physiotherapist is here to help you:

We believe everyone deserves access to the best quality physiotherapy care and at JOIN THE MOVMT we make that your reality.  Our goal is to help YOU restore your movement potential to live your most efficient life. 




Our holistic approach to physiotherapy starts with the belief that the anatomical make-up of our body was designed to have an optimal way of working.                    A way that is most: 

  • Fluid 

  • Balanced 

  • Energy efficient


Most physiotherapists have no goal outside of working on the symptomatic area. At JOIN THE MOVMT we understand that your symptom is the effect of an underlying imbalance in your body, often located elsewhere. 


Our whole-body approach enables us to identify and address such imbalances; restoring your movement potential to live your most efficient life.    


In other words, you won't just be feeling good on the treatment bed, as in traditional physiotherapy, but feeling your best doing the things you love! 


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    Recent Extended Practice: 

  • Anatomy in Motion 10 week Mentorship Programme 2023

  • Train Smarter and Harder Workshop, 2022

  • Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Upper Limb Online Course, 2021

  • ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Accreditation Course, 2021 

  • Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Lower Limb Online Course, 2020 

  • Finding Centre 2 Day Lower Body Workshop, 2019

  • Anatomy in Motion 6-day Immersion Course, 2019  

Christos Hughes is the founder of JOIN THE MOVMT. 

Originally a gifted Footballer and Futsal player, having represented England Futsal on the international stage, Christos was on the cusp of a promising career.

However, multiple injuries that were not resolved meant he spent the majority of his adulthood in pain, unable to play and searching for answers to resolve his issues. Unfortunately, such answers could not be found in the therapy 'solutions' then on offer. His childhood dream eventually ended.

Christos took matters into his own hands and qualified as a physiotherapist at the University of Central Lancashire, England, in the summer of 2014.

Since then, Christos has gained comprehensive experience working within leading NHS and private hospitals in the UK, as well as private sectors in New Zealand and Australia. This experience, plus his own further study and development, has led him on his own personal journey of self discovery, enabling the answers he once searched for to be found.

Christos has now opened his first JOIN THE MOVMT clinic in Wolli Creek, Sydney, Australia.

Click on the LinkedIn icon for a complete summary of Christos's clinical experience to date

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