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Future-proof your body,
one movmt at a time

Have you ever caught yourself thinking...
''is this what getting old feels like?'' 


You have the energy but you don't have the legs anymore. 
You feel stiff, worn down and inefficient. 
Whilst many others have given up continuing the things they loved,
this doesn't have to be your destiny. 

With a little guidance from myself, you can future-proof your joints
and body to continue doing the things you love, well into old age. 

Your Expert Physiotherapist is here to help you:

future-proof your joints and body.

Hi! I'm Christos, your expert physio!

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    Recent Extended Practice: 

  • Anatomy in Motion 10 week Mentorship Programme 2023

  • Train Smarter and Harder Workshop, 2022

  • Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Upper Limb Online Course, 2021

  • ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Accreditation Course, 2021 

  • Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Lower Limb Online Course, 2020 

  • Finding Centre 2 Day Lower Body Workshop, 2019

  • Anatomy in Motion 6-day Immersion Course, 2019  

Prior to becoming a physio 10+ years ago I was a very talented footballer and futsal player, having represented England Futsal on the international stage, I was on the cusp of a promising career.


Unfortunately, the solutions then on offer didn’t get me through my chronic painful period and so I was left feeling hopeless. I didn’t feel that continuing football was a good idea because I couldn’t play a game without pain. 


And so, I had no option but to choose an alternative career. I chose physio, the profession most familiar to me outside of the football environment; due to the long periods spent in a physio room.

In the summer of 2014, I qualified as a physiotherapist from the University of Central Lancashire, England. Following the completion of my degree, I gained comprehensive experience working within leading NHS and private hospitals in the UK, as well as private sectors in New Zealand and Australia.


It was this experience, plus my own further study and development that gave me great insight into how the human body worked.


I found that the body had all the tools it needed to function properly again. I just needed to find them. It wasn’t in all the external things I had applied to my body, it was to help my body move better.


Moving better has taken away the chronic pain I once had. I’m now functional, I can run, play football and do all the things I love.


I hope this gives you hope for yourself, that you can do it too, with a little guidance from myself.

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